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Longarm Quilting Consultation


During the Covid 19 Pandemic Prairie Point Quilting remains open for business.  Quilts should be placed in a plastic bag and left by my front door by appointment.  I will follow up with you by email to develop a personalized quilting plan.  Email images will be sent with quilting design options imposed over an image of your quilt.  Picking up your quilt is very much the same.  The quilt will be in a plastic bag by my front door for you to pick up your quilt, I will need to know when you will be coming to get your quilt. 

A complimentary consultation is the first step toward the finishing of your quilt top.  Schedule your appointment by email or phone.

At the consultation we will determine the type of quilting design appropriate for your quilt top.  Many stitched out samples of quilting are available to make the decision easy.  I also have many finished quilts available for your viewing.

Thread choice is an important decision, Prairie Point Quilting stocks thread from Superior Threads and Fil Tec.

Numerous choices of batting are available.  Wool, cotton, polyester, blends or sometimes the weight of the batting is important.  We stock batting from Quilters Dream, Hobbs and Legacy.  The perfect batting choice for your quilt.

Your budget for quilting is a consideration at the consultation.  Any budget can be accommodated.  There is a minimum charge for quilting an overall design of $50 or $75 minimum for custom quilting.  Cost is determined by the size of the quilt, type of quilting, and density of the design.


Waconia, MN 55347